Steps to owning a property

The step-by-step approach to becoming a homeowner

Many think that buying and owning an apartment is really complicated, however, it should not be so with the right information and planning.

Here are seven steps to becoming the legal owner of your own apartment.


Where professionals will be able to guide you and deliver timely and detailed information on the projects and their respective values.

This is one of the simplest steps in buying a property, but also one that requires a lot of attention to detail and careful record keeping. It consists of looking at the homes, their main features and their prices to decide which one to buy in the future.

This observation process includes preliminary calculations to find out if the potential owner has the resources to buy the apartment.


Once the type of apartment and project to which the person wishes to have access has been decided, the next step to become an owner is to talk to one of the sales executives to make the reservation of the property.

In this case, a detailed reservation will be made of the specific type of property that the future owner or buyer wants, and thus stop the offer of this department.

The reservation amount, which acts as a guarantee, will be paid at the bottom and is returned when the promise to purchase is signed.


At the end of the reservation, a bank pre-approval process must be carried out, which will give way to the signing of the promise of the apartment, through which the owner gets a little closer to his goal of buying the property.

But how long does the bank pre-approval take? It should not take longer than 7 days and will end with a documentation that credits the buyer as a customer considered to be subject to credit.

Mortgage credit

This is the most extensive part of the steps to buy a property, since it requires a series of procedures that the sales executives will help manage to achieve successfully.

What the buyer must do is contact the executive agents of his or her preferred bank to apply for and sign a mortgage loan that will allow him or her to pay for the apartment.

Such payment must always be documented with a check, however, if the client wishes to pay by credit card, he can redeem his check after 5 working days.


With the document that certifies the approval of the mortgage credit, the new owner must go to the notary’s office indicated by his bank to sign the deed of the apartment.


After signing the deed, the sales agent will make an appointment to hand over the keys of the new apartment and give you a final tour of the building’s facilities.

How long does it take? Depending on the beginning of the project it can take a maximum of 30 months from the start of the project or the sale. However, the sales executives are committed to the buyers and offer them an approximate delivery date when the quote is made.

After Sales

After-sales and customer services are very varied, as they start from the quotation.

When the buyer has any concerns, or wants some additional help related to your purchase, even if you already live in your new department, you can contact the after-sales service, which will take care of your questions and offer all the relevant assistance to the case. If you want to find great information, kindly visit Meyer Mansion Condo for more info.


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