Running: How to Start

Running is a very healthy practice. It is a moment of meditation in which we can find a space of solitude that allows us to release stress, give peace to our thoughts and think about new things that motivate us. Running is transformative and is one of the most natural physical practices that exist, both in the mind and in the body.

Today we want to give you some advice if you want to start running as a goal and I encourage you to start from scratch and go step by step climbing to the top.

Benefits of running:

  • It is healthy: obviously there are plenty of physical activities, but running is a complete exercise. It is a cardiovascular exercise and it also strengthens your muscles. You will improve your body weight, you will be stronger and your general health will be better.
  • You will eat healthier: the natural diet is in itself a more balanced, natural and nutritious diet. If you accompany your natural and ecological diet with a moderate running regime you will find a lasting well-being. When you start running, you will notice that the food will become that energy you need and the better quality food you eat, the better your running performance will be.
  • You will find a moment for yourself: far from the natural ideal, the stress that accumulates in today’s life is harmful to your health. It is difficult to find a moment of your own to rest and to order our thoughts when we live busy and busy 24/7. It is here that you can find that moment to create your own oasis of peace.
  • You will find it fun: once you have made a habit of running, try competing in a short race for fun. You will see that the feeling of having completed something is something unsurpassed.
  • You will think more clearly: running is a good exercise of meditation by focusing all our concentration on every step, every breath of the moment. When you run you can find a very comforting inner peace. It is a great time to enjoy solitude and to meet yourself.

Before telling you how to start, remember that you have to start slowly, increase the intensity gradually, have fun at all times and if you can find a partner, so much the better.

Steps to start running:

The steps we are telling you now are so that you can apply them gradually. Invest time in perfecting each step before moving on to the next and do so in a conscious manner. Remember that it is not a race, but a path and you must enjoy every moment of learning on it.

Step 1: Walk.

Start your routine by walking 3 times a week, during the first week for 20 or 25 minutes… Increase to 4 times the second week for 25 to 30 minutes Do it this way successively. If you want to stay at this stage for a little more than a couple of weeks, do it until you have developed the habit. Do it 4 days a week for 30 – 35 minutes.

Step 2: Start walking/running

Start doing this little by little, increasing the speed and time. Start the day by warming up by walking fast for the first 10 minutes and then try a jogging sequence for 1 minute, walking for two. Do these intervals for 15 minutes and end with a walk for the last 10 minutes to complete the exercise. Do this routine for two weeks.

Step 3: Extend the run/walk intervals.

Once you have perfected step two, begin to lengthen the running time and shorten the walking time. You can start by running one minute and walking another minute, then run two minutes and walk one minute, then run 3 minutes and walk 30 seconds. Do it this way until you find comfort in the intervals and practice for about three weeks.

Step 4: Start running.

Congratulations! If you have completed step four for at least 3 weeks, you have successfully started running. Even if you stop briefly to walk, nothing happens. Follow this process until you are running and walking longer and longer. Eventually you will notice that the breaks will decrease more and more.

Step 5: Increase the running period.

Gradually increase the amount of time you run per week. Ideally, find the distance and speed that suits you, that motivates you, and that allows you to measure your performance and compete against yourself to improve. Start with 15 minutes and increase by 4 minutes each day until you reach the goal that benefits you most.

That’s it! Once you have done these steps you can vary your routine with different activities such as running outdoors, running on hills or doing different speed intervals during the time you decide to run. The most important thing is to enjoy this process, the benefits it brings and the discipline of putting this activity into practice consistently.


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