Kinza Towel Review

Kinza Bamboo Towel or Egyptian Cotton Premium Towels: Which One Is Better

Towels come in many shapes and sizes and with varying features, one can sometimes be overwhelmed with the choices that present themselves. 

Choosing the towel you buy may be largely based on your individual preferences. However, if you are looking for premium quality towels that exceed other regular bath linens in the market in terms of specific features, then there are two of the widely known materials used for premium towel production; Bamboo fibers and Egyptian cotton fibers. 

In this article, we will draw a line between these two widely known materials used for premium towels, identify both of their upsides and downsides, and comprehensively compare whether which of these two gives the greater value to your money. 

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Egyptian Cotton towels, as its name implies, are towels made out of cotton that is made from significantly long fibers that contribute to its smoothness and strength. Its durability and texture are due to the fact that there are lesser ‘joins’ in its long fibers. 

More than just ordinary kinds of cotton, Egyptian cotton can be considered as one of few known materials that are exported straight for the country of Egypt and with its remarkable quality, it is known to be one of the finely produced cotton fibers in the world. 

Production of Egyptian cotton starts with handpicked cotton by the Nile river and undergoes its distinct process to achieve the premium quality it is known today.

The Positives 


One of its remarkable features that sets itself from other types of towels is its absorbency. Unlike regular cotton, Egyptian cotton towels are relatively more absorbent and can the used to significantly dry you after a good shower. 

Softness and smoothness

Because of the way it was manufactured with lesser joins, Egyptian cotton is quite soft and smooth to the touch. This makes it perfect for individuals with delicate skin. 


Depending on the fiber density, Egyptian cotton can be considered as top tier among other kinds of cotton in terms of durability. Despite having the softness, towels made out of Egyptian cotton can withstand frequent washing and drying that is required to make sure your hygiene is not at risk. 

The Negatives

Difficult to dry 

One major drawback of towels made out of Egyptian cotton is their incapability of drying quickly. Despite being able to absorb a significant amount of water, this towel would definitely require you longer period needed for it to dry. This leads us to the next downside, the growth of microorganisms in your towel. 

Bacterial growth 

Without natural antibacterial properties, Egyptian cotton towels are a sweet spot for molds, mildew, and bacterial growth. This then induces a particular funky odor that may cause anyone to think twice before using the towel. 


As compared to regular cotton fibers, Egyptian cotton is way more expensive. 

Kinza Bamboo Towels

Kinza bamboo towels promise to deliver first-class comfort to everyone who uses it. With its functional features, It allows everyone to experience the luxury spa experience at the comforts of their homes. 

Kinza is based in Singapore but accepts orders from anywhere around the world through its online website. 

Kinza bath towels are made out of 100% Mōsō bamboo fibers that are responsible for delivering a luxurious feel with every use. 

As its name suggests, bamboo towels are produced with the use of bamboo fibers which is considered as one of the softest naturally occurring materials. It has high wicking properties and is gentler than cotton by some degree.

As compared to cotton towels, towels made out of bamboo hold significant advantages that will transform your bathroom to a whole new level. 

The Positives

Organic and eco-friendly 

Using 100% Mōsō bamboo fibers, Kinza towels have become the epitome of sustainability. This is because in general, bamboo plants grow rapidly as compared to its counterparts, cotton plants. Its production also requires no fertilizer, pesticides, or excessive water. With this, we must say that Kinza bamboo towels are perfect for environmentally conscious individuals. 

Quick-drying and hyper absorbent 

Because of its proprietary technology, Kinza towels dry up three times faster than any average bath towels available in the market today. This is despite having hyper absorption properties that allow it to absorb massive amounts of water up to seven times its weight in liquid. 

Softness and Durability 

With Mōsō bamboo fibers, every wipe feels soft without sacrificing the durability of the towel. To ensure maximum durability, Kinza towels are manufactured with a twisted yarn weave. 

Hypoallergenic and hygienic

The Mōsō bamboo fibers are naturally known to have antibacterial properties which ensure the maximum hygiene that you need for a towel. Similarly, Kinza towels are perfect for individuals with sensitive skin as it does not irritate the skin with any harmful chemicals. 

The Negatives


The cost for Bamboo towels can be higher as compared to regular towels made out of normal. This is because the viscose process used for acquiring the fibers requires more effort as compared to the process that is involved will cotton production. 

Which One Is More Durable?

In terms of durability, Both Egyptian cotton towels and Kinza bamboo towels are capable of withstanding shrinkage and pilling due to excessive laundering. Both types of towels can have the maximum lifespan, so long as the user follows the care instructions. 

Which One Is More Functional?

Although both towels show significant absorbent properties, Kinza towels are more functional as their Mōsō bamboo fibers have natural anti-bacterial properties that prevent bacterial growth due to the moisture present. Additionally, Kinza towels dry up faster as compared to Egyptian towels.

Which Is More Suitable for Sensitivities?

Unlike Egyptian towels, Kinza bamboo towels have hypoallergenic properties that make them suitable for individuals with skin sensitivities as well as for infants with highly delicate skins.

Kinza Towel Singapore

Overall Verdict 

After a thorough review of these two distinct materials used for the production of premium quality towels, we can say that Kinza bamboo towels hold greater value over Egyptian cotton towels. 

Judging by the cost of these two materials, Kinza bamboo towels deliver exemplary features with a fraction of the price of premium towels made out of Egyptian cotton. Moreover, Egyptian cotton has notable disadvantages as compared to Kinza towels made from 100% Mōsō bamboo fibers. 

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