Decorative air conditioners

After so much waiting, the good weather is here. One of the main characteristics of the summer period are the high temperatures, which allow us to enjoy much more outdoors. But the truth is that, with the arrival of summer, the heat can become overwhelming, especially in the homes. To avoid this, the air conditioning system we choose will be fundamental.

Today we want to talk about air conditioning equipment, but in its decorative function, with the aim that you can air-condition your rooms, without breaking the aesthetics of your rooms.

Decorative air conditioning equipment

Beyond the importance of acquiring a decorative air conditioner, what we want is to give you some advice so that you can choose the best equipment according to the style of your home.

How to choose air conditioning equipment according to the style of your home?

If you have to change your system or buy a new one and you want to choose an option that suits the aesthetics of your home, write down the following recommendations:

Decorative air conditioning

The first option that we can recommend if what you look for is to buy air conditioning equipment that improves the aesthetics of your home or combine with it, is to opt for a decorative air conditioning. These are specific lines of some brands of air conditioning that, beyond the air conditioning, have a decorative function.

It is a new generation of splits that have a specially cared design, with the aim of becoming a decorative element of the room. For this reason, they are equipment with elegant lines, compact sizes and sophisticated colors, which go beyond white, since models in black or silver, for example, can be seen.

Among the brands of air conditioning that combine functionality and decorative design in their units we can highlight the U-Crown wall split by Gree. This is an efficient equipment, which has Wi-Fi technology to control the system from the cell phone and also has a minimalist design in silver, with elegant lines and narrow format. An ideal option for any home with a modern aesthetic.

Toshiba is another brand of air conditioning that offers decorative equipment, one of them is the Mirai model in its versions 10, 13 and 16. These units combine technology and design. These are compact models, with sober lines that adapt to any type of room and are especially recommended for bedrooms, offices and living rooms.

Samsung, meanwhile, has the FH9009 series. These air conditioners are characterized by their compact size, much smaller in height. This makes them units that can be perfectly integrated into any type of room.

Another of the outstanding alternatives in terms of air conditioning equipment designed according to the aesthetics of the environments, is that provided by Fujitsu with its Slide LT series. This Inverter wall split has a compact and stylish design, a very elegant bet for any home.

Characteristics of air conditioning equipment

As you can see, there are several alternatives in the market for decorative air conditioning. Besides choosing a system of this kind, there are other criteria you can use to incorporate equipment that does not break with the aesthetics of your home. Some of those options are:


Size is one of the fundamental criteria if you are looking to choose a system that fits your home’s decoration. The main search in this sense always lies in finding compact units, whose size allows the appliance to go unnoticed. Make sure that they are narrow and of little height, these, in addition, facilitate the task of installation, since you can place them in any place and they did not interfere.


White is undoubtedly the preferred color in the air conditioning segment. This is because it is a shade that combines with any type of aesthetics, whether modern, minimalist or even in more eclectic decorative environments. However, there are also units in black or silver that bring a certain sophistication to the environments and can be an interesting choice, such as the model of the Gree brand. The interesting thing is to evaluate if you want the air conditioning is integrated into the atmosphere of your room or if you want to stand out as a visual attraction within your decor.

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